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Welcome to The Florida Center for Urogynecology

The Florida Center for Urogynecology is an innovative and exceptional medical practice devoted exclusively to the management of benign gynecologic conditions. By focusing solely on problems such as urinary difficulties, pelvic organ prolapse, bleeding abnormalities, and pelvic pain, we are able to offer an array of specialized services available in very few South Florida settings.

Intimate Ailments

Although many women have been led to believe that problems related to the bladder and female organs are a normal part of life and aging, you don’t have to suffer.

Expert Treatment

There are many treatment options for various pelvic conditions. Following your consultation and recommended diagnostic testing, we will formulate an individualized treatment plan geared toward your specific problem.

Meet Our Specialists

Our specialists are board-certified with advanced fellowship training.

Jennifer Trupkin Pollak, MD

Dr. Jennifer Trupkin Pollak is one of South Florida’s few fellowship-trained urogynecologists. A graduate of the University of Florida College..


Jessica Ritch, MD

Dr. Jessica Ritch is a board-certified, fellowship-trained minimally invasive gynecologist. As one of only a few gynecologists in South Florida..


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