January 19, 2021 In Medical Tips By Florida Center for Urogynecology

Healthy Habits For Your Vagina


Healthy Habits for your Vagina

  • Avoid scented soaps/detergents that contain dyes or perfume-the vagina actually only needs warm water and is able to balance healthy bacteria and pH on its own, but if you would like to use soap make sure it is only applied to the labia majora, the outer portion of your vagina

  • Wear 100% cotton underwear-cotton absorbs moisture and allows air in for breathability helping prevent vaginal infections

  • Change immediately after working out or swimming-we all love to get a good workout in or go to the beach, but it is important to remove the wet clothing. Yeast infections thrive in moist, warm places

  • Probiotics can help balance bacteria and pH, promoting a healthy vaginal flora. This can be obtained from your diet or vitamin supplements. Foods such as yogurts and cheeses are high in probiotics

  • Avoid using douches or pH balancing soaps as this can actually cause infection

  • If you are sexually active and using lubricant, it is important to only use a water based lubricant, preferably one that is non-scented