November 8, 2017 In Treatment By FloridaUrogyn

Vaginal Laser Resurfacing with BellaV, a Revolutionary New Treatment

Vaginal Laser Resurfacing with BellaVAs women, we fight to hold on to our youth with hair dye, Botox, and expensive creams. We are willing to try everything to reclaim youthful beauty.  But, are we forgetting the part of the body that is uniquely ours? That’s right, the vagina, both beautiful and unique, yet we neglect to treat it with the same care and respect as we do our faces, hair, bellies and even buttocks. Despite the dryness and discomfort, we turn a blind eye to what our body is telling us might need the most attention. In fact, vaginal health becomes so neglected that it starts to affect other organs like our bladder and we avoid exercise so that we don’t leak every time we do Orange Theory or Zumba. Even worse are the dreaded bladder infections, burning and constant urge to urinate. Fortunately, we have a new tool to help treat these issues: vaginal laser resurfacing.

Vaginal laser resurfacing is a simple, painless procedure completed in a medical office without the need for anesthesia.  A gentle laser delivers energy into the vaginal tissue to stimulate a healing response.  This healing improves vaginal moisture and tension, decreasing vaginal discomfort and laxity to bring back the enjoyment of intimacy.  It also decreases urinary symptoms associated with vaginal changes like urinary frequency, incontinence and recurrent urinary tract infections.  Some women are calling this treatment life-changing.  While there are other treatments available for these symptoms, including vaginal estrogen cream, some women find these options inconvenient and messy.  Others, especially some cancer survivors, cannot use estrogen-containing products.  Vaginal laser resurfacing is especially helpful for these women.  While we know many of the benefits of vaginal laser resurfacing, we are just starting to learn other benefits of lasers applied to external labia.  The same process may be helpful for women with episiotomy scars, vulvodynia and skin conditions like lichen sclerosis.

At the Florida Center for Urogynecology, we are proud to introduce the BellaV.  The BellaV is an Erbium laser that allows targeted laser treatment into the vaginal mucosa using a 360-degree laser to treat the entire vagina.  Additionally, it allows directed treatments of the external labial tissue.  Treatments can be completed in the office in minutes with minimal discomfort and no downtime.  See if BellaV is right for you by scheduling your consultation today.